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Tropical Peach Progress Pictures

It is important to track your progress throughout your program. Oftentimes, the scale may not accurately track your progress, but progress pictures will. Since this program is designed to help you gain lean muscle, your body fat percentage will decrease, despite what you may see on the scale. 

IMPORTANT: Upon your program completion, you will be sending out your progress pictures to [email protected].

Also, please note that we will need your consent to post your before and after photos online. The form is located at the end of this page. 

You will find the instructions below to ensure that you are correctly tracking your progress, please read and follow:

What To Do: 

  • Weigh yourself in the morning before eating.

  • Take your measurements at the same time and same day.

  • Use the same scale and measuring tape.

  • Wear your pants at your hips, not your waist.

  • Only send individual images please.

What Not to Do:

• Send nudes.

• Send collages

• Alter pictures via photoshop or other software.

• Take photos in the dark, add filters or text.


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